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The Makeover

This garden was given a face lift in 2014. Essentially a beautiful family home in East Sussex with amazing views to the South, it had a slightly tired look due to a series of 1960's design additions to the house that needed to be brought more into the overall scheme. With a growing family and business, it was decided to make more space around the old outhouses and amalgamate them into the new design. Two of the main problems with the site where the strong south westerly winds battering the back of the house and terraces but also the noise from various roads in the distance which was dependent on the direction of the wind. The main terraces had beautiful York stone slabs which were reused but to extend the areas panels of contrasting slate or herringbone brick were added. New walls were built with reclaimed bricks to create sound barriers in different parts of the garden and specific sitting areas were designed for comfortable outdoor living.

Original hand drawn plan