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Starting from Scratch

This is a garden where it is all about location! The newly built sandstone houses is situated in the middle of an open grassland clearing within its own woodland. The house has been carefully placed to make the most of the views. One approaches it by winding down the driveway between stately individual oaks and Spanish chestnuts that frame the house in the distance. The site lies on neutral-acidic soils over Tunbridge Wells Sandstone and, Wadhurst Clay so some areas are light and sandy whilst other areas are heavy and poorly drained. The overall layout of the scheme ensured that the detached garage, swimming pool and pool house, tennis court and associated landscaping formed a compact arrangement to ensure that the natural parkland and wooded setting were unspoiled. Simple landscaping around the actual house ensured that the house was 'in' its landscape rather than 'on' its landscape.

Before and After