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Sinuous Curves – Old to New

The recently moved in owners of this garden in Newick wanted a soft naturalistic light contemporary cottage garden that would complement their home and living style whilst ensuring that more space was provided for parking and for sitting in various parts of the garden. Planting was to be kept to the minimum so they did not become slaves to the garden. Thus the design aimed to create a natural flow around the garden connecting and encircling specific areas and playing on the main features such as the mature purple beech, the pergola, and the pond. Old beds and overgrown hedges had to be ruthlessly brought under control. Having drastically cut back and cleared old overgrown shrubs and falling down sheds and Indian stone (Raj) path edged with setts was laid to gently lead one from the enlarged circular parking area to the front door and two sitting areas either side of the door. The sitting areas play on the patterns created with stone setts to give a feeling of individuality and intimacy to the different areas. The inviting curves of the lawn and paths serve to open up the views within the garden whilst creating focal points for sculptures and plantings.

Concept plan with notes