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New England

The winds of change blew through in this garden. Our clients here had moved from London and built their dream home on a family plot.The old house was taken down and the new house re-positioned to sit further back in the garden thus meaning that one was essentially starting from scratch. The garden had been much loved by the previous owner but many of the plants had to be sacrificed to the new building and the garden opened up and light let in. A feeling of space and light was paramount. The inside of the house is beautifully light with low windows that ensure that as you walk though the house or sit in your favourite chair you have clear views of the garden. Colour schemes inside the house needed to be complimented by the outside planting. Like all good projects dreams were many and a staged program had to be devised. Priorities were given to forming levels within the garden and creating the fundamental footprint to ensure the house was sitting within its space. Terraces, lawn,s paths and driveways were formed and then the attention to detail could start. An ancient olive tree from Italy was bought in and a hidden walled garden created. Wild flower meadows were sown and .

Overall concept plan for whole garden