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Bamboos and Orange - A Small Contemporary Garden

In this Uckfield garden our customer, who had just downsized to a smaller space, was keen to create an outdoor living space that blended with her interior but at the same time had its own peaceful and colourful ambience. The aim was to create a private retreat –an oasis of calm with year round allure. Contrasting slate paving was laid in horizontal stripes to form an allusion of space whilst at the same time being low maintenance. Soft plantings of bamboo, climbing hydrangeas , viburnums, roses and honeysuckles cover the walls and fences working well with the stylistic combination of grays, oranges, peaches and maroons that our customer loves. Select but strategic plantings of two trees provide screening of nearby houses whilst also providing food and shelter for the local birds. The raised sitting area, enclosed within a pergola with rattan sofa and coffee table, create a traditional spacious mini room ideal for entertaining friends whilst carefully chosen slate and fiberglass pots and bespoke planters provided extra interest and little cameos from different rooms in the house.

Plan for the space