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Water and Views

This is a beautiful family home in East Sussex that has over 15 years changed from a small family home into a larger traditional house - gradually growing and changing as the family expanded and needs changed. When the family moved in there were no children but as the family grew the focus changed and different spaces in the garden were dedicated to family living. A small outdoor eating area by the farmhouse kitchen, a swimming pool and tennis court and then new rooms added to the house made one rethink both the front entrance and the back terrace. Gradually the eye moved out and beyond and hedges were cut so that views to the west and the setting sun were incorporated. Despite the changes happening over time the design ensures that the flow is right. All the garden spaces link and glimpse of tiled roof tops, glades and meandering paths lead you out to them from the house. The house and garden are at one - both in function but also in form with enticing views and opening doors leading you out of the house and into the garden.

Initial plan with levels for front area